Fatai - Hide and Seek (Blue)

Here is the second song titled 'Hide and Seek (Blue)' off my debut EP 'Undone'. The colour blue makes up the first half of who i am as a child of God once lost and found through reconciliation, inspired by the parable of the prodigal son.

David Taafua on Keys
Video and Audio Production - Joe Taranto

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Welcome to my home where these videos were filmed. This debut EP titled ‘Undone’ is a 360 degree journey back to simplicity. In light of this, the whole EP was recorded and filmed live!

I hope you enjoy this amazing journey with me. Here is the first track titled ‘Roll’!

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HYMN MEDLEY W/ David Taafua

At the very core of who David Taafua and I are, lives the heart beat to worship God... only out of that place can we possibly know how to love and sing over the world with a new song he is placing on our heart! And nothing speaks to us like the timelessness of hymns we grew up on as the foundation for our music! here are just a few...



Cover - Chandelier by Sia



cover - Dear No One by Tori Kelly

COLOSSAL thanks to my dear mate Sam Tan and Ander Louis for making me look closer to decent than I usually do with this rad yet simple vid!




Ladies and Gentlemen - David Taafua on keys! freak...i know


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