There are voices that make sense to us, and then there’s Fatai. Soaring vocals that are powerful and yet delicate, hosting great depth and sincerity, Fatai knows how to take us on a journey through story and melody.


“We are stronger together. If we want the change that we so desperately seek, we need to stick together. Changing the world requires everyone.” Fatai


Born in Melbourne Australia, Fatai was introduced to the stage at the age of 7 and has never looked back. Having grown up in a musical family, she was always surrounded by music and was encouraged to find new heights and depth in her voice. Fourteen years on, Fatai’s voice is heard by millions around the world on TV, radio and across the world wide web.


In late 2014, Fatai’s videos found their way to an online audience of over 60 million people overnight. A very simple rendition of a song from Disney’s film Frozen caught the world’s attention. It was from this point in time that many people were exposed to just how incredible Fatai really was.


Fatai's studio version of Do You Want To Build A Snowman was released as the lead single on Universal Music’s Christmas compilation album We Love Disney. It was soon followed by a duet performed with Guy Sebastian, Lightning, on his record Madness. Fatai also featured on the Eurovision 2015 top-5 song by Guy Sebastian, Tonight Again


Her debut single Purple was released in late 2015 and her debut EP Undone soon after. The plan seemed obvious for Undone - to simply strip everything away and hit record. The EP was recorded live and filmed in her backyard, proving that you can indeed capture a moment and the very character of an artist who is prepared to bare all..


Fatai has sold-out multiple headline tours in North America, Australia and New Zealand, and will be touring again internationally in 2018 (including SXSW in Austin TX).


Fatai’s favourite place is face-to-face, sharing a moment with people in the present. No matter how you get to meet, see, or hear Fatai, one thing is for sure - you’re going to be captivated.